31 weeks, 3 days

31 weeks, 3 days

31 weeks, 3 days. May 30, 2017.

Long weekends are my absolute favorite. It gives you enough time for a full weekend, and then an extra day to actually do responsible, productive things. This weekend was lovely (for the most part).

Friday after work I got in some swimming. I was more tired than usual, but it felt good to swim. And to have a bathing suit to cover my entire belly.

Saturday was brilliantly sunny. S helped set up volleyball courts for his league. I slept in, hung around, went shopping. Old Navy was having a huge sale and I was feeling like I had nothing to wear other than the same few outfits. I got a few maternity t-shirts that will work for after baby, too, a sports bra that fits, a bathing suit bottom, two dresses (super deal), and the cutest baby onesie covered in pineapples. We spent the afternoon riding our bikes/walking around, and then had dinner at our favorite waterfront café. However, S and I did have a big fight on Saturday, which started over baby names (aye) and them snowballed into something else and led to him being 100% irrational and not speaking to me for hours. I was not pleased with him. Anyway, all is fine now and he realized he was being a jerk. On the upside, I spent extra time Saturday night resting and sleeping since we weren’t speaking. I hate fighting. We don’t often, thankfully. But, it’s no fun when we do.

Sunday, fortunately, was a better day. And S was back to being his normal, sweet self. We got up to watch the marathon and enjoy the sunshine. The marathon is one of my favorite local events because we can walk one block to watch it! And it’s a good excuse to drink coffee and have breakfast outside. We’ve been lucky with excellent spectator weather for the past few years. It’s also the one race that I really love to watch and don’t feel like I have to be running. After the marathon, we hung out with friends at two different barbecues. By then time we got home, I was tired, and fell asleep around 8:30 on the couch. I’m so exciting.

Monday was rainy, but warm enough to keep the windows open and a good day to tackle house projects. First, I slept in and talked to my mom. Second, I made pancakes for breakfast. However, as S was drinking the coffee he noted that the cream was bad. Oops. That’s what I put in the pancakes! (Well, a little, not a lot.) I thought the batter tasted a little off, but figured it was just me. We were out of eggs, but S went to get more so I could remake the pancakes. Good thing, too, because they were delicious. I’ve tried for years to find the perfect pancake recipe and I finally did. And now that I can make excellent pancakes at home, I feel no need to order them in a restaurant (which is always a gamble).

We did make good progress on the house. We had to move the bed into the living room so S could start working on the floor in the bedroom. The plywood is all down. Now, onto the actual floor. Then the closet for our clothes, then the nursery nook. It’ll get done. The renovation process involves a lot of logistics in a tiny space (i.e. moving stuff such as our bed into the living room). For a little while, it’ll be like living in a studio apartment.

And that’s my weekend summary. Now, three days of work, then 3 day weekend because we are heading to Quebec City on Friday. Hooray! I’m hoping for nice weather.

In pregnancy stats: I haven’t weighed myself this week. Some days I’m very hungry, others not so much. Baby has been quite active lately, even while I was moving around the house and cleaning yesterday. Sometimes at night my legs get really restless and it’s so annoying that I can’t get comfortable or fall asleep. It’s really hard to get enough leg exercise without running.

Random: S has strong feelings about baby clothes, and told me he wants to pick some out, too. How cute. I had no idea, haha. Guess we’ll do that after the baby shower. My mom told me she’s purchased a lot of clothes – she can’t help it, they’re so cute, she says. I understand. I should refrain from buying baby clothes, I suppose. I haven’t bought very many.

Feeling: generally fine except for restless legs. No real complaints. Here’s to week 31! Now my apps are saying 8 weeks, 4 days to go. Crazy!


6 thoughts on “31 weeks, 3 days

  1. Sounds like we all had a few shitty days with our husbands last weekend. I wonder if our hormones spiked or they were just being jerks? Don’t sweat it though, these things happen.
    We’ve got a long weekend this weekend and I’m delighted. Sooooo excited to have a short week. Counting down until maternity leave now. How about you? xx


    1. Ha, I think this time he was actually a jerk and I was not overly sensitive. But, whatever, it happens. Hope you had a nice long weekend! I’m not starting maternity leave until baby arrives, unless there is a medical reason otherwise. So it’s up in the air! How nice that you know when you’ll start!

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      1. We all can be a jerk sometimes. As long as you both got passed it I think it’s normal. You are legally required to start maternity leave 2 weeks before your due date here. As baby is coming early for us I just got my doctor to write my due date as being 2 weeks earlier than it is on the form so I can still get my two weeks in. I know in Denmark and other places they make you take at least one month before the birth off. I think the US is possibly one of the worst countries in the world for maternity rights. I don’t envy you at all!!

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      2. Wow, that would be a great maternity policy! Sadly, and embarrassingly, the USA is definitely one of the worst countries for maternity rights. It bugs me to no end. Why bother caring for the next generation and their caretakers??? ughhh. Anyway, I’m fortunate in that my firm is very family friendly and open to my flexible and part time schedule. Most places wouldn’t be. And, I’ve been able to save enough money to take time off. And we have lower expenses by living in a tiny condo. Most of my friends have large, expensive houses that really need two full time incomes, even if half of one is paying for childcare. It’s quite complicated here.

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      3. Yes you seem to be well organised. I feel for those on low incomes or single parent families. Even where I am is pretty crap but I’m still grateful for the time off that I get. One of the advantages of being a bit older is being more financially secure I guess.

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