32 weeks, 2 days

32 weeks, 2 days

32 weeks, 2 days. June 5, 2017.

A Monday working is not nearly as fun as a Monday holiday, but I did just have a 3 day weekend. We spent the weekend in Quebec City, which was lovely. It’s has to be one of the most beautiful cities in North America. We’ve only been in the warm weather, so I cannot speak to the colder months, but June/July seems to be the perfect time to visit. We lucked out on weather and had warm, sunny days, which suited our biking and walking plans. We traveled around the city, photographing buildings and snacking our way through various restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. It was wonderful, even if we did have to go at my slower pace. I could not bike up very many hills, so I walked my bike (and my belly) up all of the extremely steep Quebec City streets. It feels so odd to get tired doing something I used to do without thinking about. S was great about it; he’s accustom to my slower pace these days. Still, it does feel weird to not order a drink when we’re on vacation. Oh well. I drank a lot of water. We stayed in the Saint-Jean neighborhood at an Airbnb, which was perfect. We bought groceries to make dinner and saved our money for our snacking habits during the day. And, all of that biking and walking managed to make me tired enough to sleep, hooray! But, after two days of biking, I was glad to stop. Eventually, it gets uncomfortable. I’m probably nearing the end of my biking days, but we’ll see.

Other updates:

  • I’m feeling fine, except for sometimes restless legs and some heartburn. And there is often a weird burning sensation just below my right boob. I have to ask my doctor about it tomorrow morning at my 32 week appointment.
  • I find that my sense of space for myself remains off. I definitely spill crumbs on myself way more than ever before. S just laughs at me, but I’d rather not have this problem! I like to think I have very good manners!
  • Baby has been very active these past few days – maybe she liked our travels! Get ready, baby. Historic preservation travels are in your future. I most often feel her move on my right side, top of my belly. I’m guessing those are her feet, but I can’t be sure. Maybe the doctor will be able to tell me tomorrow.
  • The breast pump I ordered through insurance (free!) arrived. I’m not really ready to read into it, but I wanted to order it to make sure it arrived and I didn’t have to do it last minute. I only ordered the free starter kit, so it didn’t come with bottle nipples and what not, but I’ll decide what I need later on. I’ve read that baby should breastfeed exclusively for 6 weeks or so before bottles are introduced.
  • We’re all set on baby transit: car seat, stroller, car seat attachment. Now we just need a place for baby to sleep!
  • By my scale, I’ve gained 25lbs. Guess I’ll be on the higher end of what I was supposed to go. Whatever. And I’m sure the doctor’s scale tomorrow will say that I’m heavier than that. I am always heavier at the doctor’s office.

About 7 weeks, 5 days to go, according to apps. I remember being only 7 weeks, 5 days pregnant. It’s nice to be on the reverse. It seems surreal that in less than months (hopefully less than) we’ll have a baby in front of us. I can’t imagine getting there – like going through labor and all that. Why? Because it’s so unknown to me, of course. I know we’ll go through all that, but it’s just crazy to think about it. Like, really, we’ll get our own baby? The one living inside of me right now? Seriously, the entire process of growing a baby and giving birth is weird.

Anyway, I have a lot of work to do this week, oddly enough. At least there is the preservation conference on Thursday, so one less day in the office. Hooray! The conference is always fun, even though it’s more fun when I can drink. Next year.

Pictures in another post.


One thought on “32 weeks, 2 days

  1. Sounds like you’re doing great and a lot better than me. I can’t walk more than 5 mins without getting contractions. Ugh. So jealous of you and your cycling!


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