32 weeks, 6 days

32 weeks, 6 days

32 weeks, 6 days. June 9, 2017.

Yesterday and today I have felt very pregnant. I’ve felt tired and uncomfortable being in one position for too long (sitting/driving/lying down) and suddenly my belly seems to be in the way of everything! It’s making me kind of crabby today even though it’s Friday. Of course, as per usual, there’s an annoying work project that isn’t helping. Funny thing: yesterday at the conference, everyone asked me how I’m feeling, etc. And I really don’t have any complaints (or didn’t yesterday). But at the end of the day when I had to drive home, I was so tired and my feet hurt so much, and then my mid-back hurt all evening. Ugh. Not fun. So I bought ice cream on the way home and ate that while watching Gilmore Girls. Although it didn’t help my giant belly feeling, it was delicious.

I’m hoping this un-comfortableness is just a phase, and it goes away. Second time mothers, please do not tell me if it doesn’t. Maybe the weekend will cure me!

And the house is just a mess because of ongoing (and sometimes stalled due to work or excursions to Quebec City) floor renovations. I’m getting to the point of wanting everything done. This morning I told S that we need to finish everything sooner rather than later before I get super uncomfortable and useless. Luckily my parents are coming up in two weeks. S likes deadlines for projects. This weekend we’ll definitely do some work on our projects. Though Sunday it’s supposed to be 90 degrees – maybe we’ll take our kayaks out on the lake for a bit! I’ll need some leg exercise, too. Maybe hills in the morning before it’s hot outside. The lake is too cold for swimming, but perhaps putting our feet and legs in will be necessary for cooling off.

32 week appointment: All went well. I’m right on track for growth. Baby’s heartbeat was 140 bpm. By my scale, I’ve gained 25/26 lbs. By the doctor’s scale, 26/28, but that was after breakfast and with clothes on. So I’ll stick to mine. Nothing exciting to report. Now we start every two weeks. And at 36 weeks, there is another ultrasound. Maybe we’ll see her face this time! She refused to give us a profile view last time (20 week ultrasound). She’s a sassy little thing.

Random things: my mom told me that she & my dad want to buy the Ergobaby carrier for us as a present. That’s generous considering they are expensive! And I know that my mom already bought lots of baby clothes (she couldn’t help it). She wanted to make sure it was the one we wanted. Yes! Ergobaby is the best one, based on what I’ve read. Other baby carriers are bad for baby’s hips.

Question: Next week I’m supposed to attend a work meeting at one of our other offices (about 4 hours away). I’d have to drive by myself, all in one day. And I just don’t want to do it. I could also join in on Skype for the meeting, even though I know my bosses would prefer that I’m there in person (though they did say it’s totally up to me). My doctor says it’s fine to travel at 33 weeks, as long as I stop and walk a bit. But… 4 hours. Alone. In a car. And 8 hours in one day, plus a 4+ hour meeting… it’ll be like a 13-15 hour day, most likely. The car ride yesterday was 1.5 hours and I was so uncomfortable and tired. I’d rather not go. Am I just being a baby? I mean, I feel mostly fine other than being uncomfortable. I’m just not sure what to do.