33 weeks, 2 days

33 weeks, 2 days

33 weeks, 2 days. June 12, 2017.

[Warning. Random bouts of complaining. Hope I’m not the only one.]

Monday. Feeling sluggish today. I didn’t sleep well last night. I think I got up four times to pee, and it was hot. And then I was having annoying dreams, probably because S annoyed me before I fell asleep last night. Nothing big, just one of those times when I could be easily irritated. I think that carried into my sleep. I woke up at one point and had to really consider when a dream in which S was a jerk to me was a dream or if it actually happened. It took a while, but it was a dream. However, I was still annoyed. Good thing it was in the middle of the night and he was sleeping. Though it seems that every time I got up to pee, he woke up. Could be because he always inches closer to my side of the bed. It’s cute and funny, but I also want my space! 😉

I still felt quite pregnant on Saturday and Sunday, but not as terribly as Thursday and Friday. Still, I am thinking these last weeks of pregnancy (T-7 weeks) will feel long. 6 weeks, 5 days… give or take. I read that if you think of it in days… as in 49 days that sounds faster than weeks. Perhaps. I said to my mom that I have so much longer to go. She laughed and said I have hardly any time at all. Clearly, it’s a matter of perspective.

Anyway, we did some floor work this weekend, and some work work. We did some errands, too. We went to M’s dance recital and for Sunday dinner we barbecued at the waterfront with a friend and went out on his boat for a bit. That was fun.

Tonight is the Infant Care Class. I haven’t really ever cared for an infant, so I’m assuming this will be good to take. It was $40, so it seemed worth it.

I’m moving so slowly today, despite the piles of work that I have to do. Aye aye aye. Can I blame the baby? Well, I will.

There are so many pregnant people right now – or those who have just had a baby. And everyone seems to be going all the way to 40 weeks. Except for my cousin who gave birth a month early to a 9lb, 10oz baby boy. Wow! I’d rather have a small baby and go 40 weeks. I’m thinking I’ll make my last day of July 28, unless of course baby comes early. But, I think she’s nice and cozy in there. We don’t have an ultrasound until 36 weeks (July 6, so almost 37 weeks), so I have no idea how big she is right now. The next appointment will be at 34 weeks (June 23, so almost 35 weeks then), and just another boring measurement one. I guess I don’t mind going full term if that’s best for baby. I’m just worried about a giant baby and being super uncomfortable. And, the more pregnant I get, the more I really don’t like work.

I keep getting called into other projects despite my own projects having important deadlines. For some reason, there’s one project manager who just keeps giving me work even though I really don’t know what I’m doing on that project. How has that not been obvious so far?!! I am so done with work, I just want to cry. Ugh. Stupid hormones. And probably the heat making me crabby.

However, I have to remember that it’s not much longer and they are being really good to me about maternity leave, etc.