33 weeks, 5 days

33 weeks, 5 days

33 weeks, 5 days. June 15, 2017.

Thursday, hooray. Just a few hours remaining, and then Friday. Assuming I work until July 28th, I have 31 work days remaining after today, and 43 days total before baby arrives. Will that be how it plays out? I have no idea, obviously. But it does feel good to think of it that way. It seems like anyone having a baby around here lately is going to her due date or a few days after. Interesting. There are exciting events, aside from completing condo projects:

  • M’s high school graduation this Saturday
  • Mom, Dad, sister A visiting next weekend
  • Baby shower on the 25th
  • 4th of July (always a good holiday)
  • 36 week scan July 7

And hopefully meeting work deadlines! I have three projects in my possession that need to be wrapped up ASAP, and two projects which I’m part of a team.

My left hip / hip flexor / piriformis muscle has been killing me for two days. It’s making walking difficult. But, since it’s nice out, I’m going to walk a while after work and hopefully loosen it up. My upper back often hurts, too, but I’m fairly certain that’s from my chair at work. It’s not that comfortable. Good thing I can stand when needed.

Baby girl has been changing her habits lately. She was moving like crazy a few days ago, but yesterday and today I have to work to get her to move. I still get 10 kicks in 2 hours, though, so that’s normal. But it seems she is content to stay put unless I really need her to move, or unless it’s midnight. Night owl, like her mama. However, the change in movement has me slightly concerned. I’ll see what she’s doing later today and if it’s still worrisome, I’ll call the doctor tomorrow morning. But, I know she’s moving. Maybe she’s growing again? Or just comfortable? Not sure.

We’re still undecided on names. Since it’s an anonymous blog (well running pal A reads it, but otherwise no one I know!), I’m going to list the names I like:

Hayley, Ayla, Brooke, Ada, Mae, Keira. Which do you like the best? I think we’ll need to meet her before she gets her name. I think we’ll go with Hayley, even though the fact that people say it differently but don’t hear the difference drives me crazy. But I have always loved the name, and it’s S’s favorite.

Comments on the others:

  • Ayla: I love it. S says it’s pretty but it doesn’t feel like there’s enough to it.
  • Brooke: We both love it. But, I think it’s way too similar to his son’s name (Brock). This is actually what started one of our arguments. What do you think?
  • Ada: I haven’t tossed this one into the mix yet, but I like it. A twist on Ava, which is like #2 in popularity.
  • Mae: I think it’s pretty.
  • Keira: I like it, S doesn’t really. But I think it’s too hard sounding of a name to go with his last name. It would go perfectly with my last name, haha.

I wish I had a favorite name. Growing up I loved naming characters and baby dolls and imaginary friends, but I never had to choose just one name because there was always someone else to name! And my favorite names then are no longer my favorite names (like Rose, for example). It’s so hard! And my current favorite name (Sophia) is WAY too popular. I cannot use it. If you’re reading and you have a name I should consider, let me know!

Looking forward to the nice weather this evening for a walk. And I have to get M a graduation present!


6 thoughts on “33 weeks, 5 days

  1. I’m on board with Hayley as previously discussed. Mae is my mum’s middle name so I like that too, albeit maybe it sounds a bit southern to me (not a bad thing and maybe this is some stereotype I have adopted from too much US TV).
    I don’t love the name Brooke because it reminds me of someone from school I’d prefer not to be reminded of and yes, unfortunately, it is too close to Brock. Think you’re going to have to let that one go. The others I’m neither here nor there on. For girls I wanted Emilia but in our discussions Victoria came up a bit too. Sophia was on our list but I also fear it’s too popular. Not sure how much help I’m being! xx


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