34 weeks, 2 days

34 weeks, 2 days

34 weeks, 2 days. June 19, 2017.

Still feeling very pregnant these days! Am I supposed to feel this pregnant at this point? I thought this wouldn’t happen until 36 weeks or so. Sometimes that makes me wonder if this baby will come early. Probably not, but it has crossed my mind. Although, most of my slowing down is resulting from this horrible knot or pinched nerve that I have somehow developed on my left backside (at the top of my butt, base of my back). It really limits the speed at which I can move – though only on the left side. It hurts! And it’s making me feel even more pregnant. I could barely move at more than a snail’s pace yesterday to get the frisbee. Aye. Hopefully it goes away. Or hopefully the massage therapist can squeeze me in!

This weekend we did a lot of work on the condo! Well, S does the majority of the work. I keep him company, play gopher, make lunch, and do general cleaning. And lots of resting, which S encourages me to do. The floor is halfway through the bedroom. The nursery nook is looking more nook like! The room actually looks much bigger with the nook not being a closet. We’re relocating the closet, though for the time being we’re just using a rolling garment rack. Having an enclosed closet isn’t critical yet. But the floor and the nook are critical. S decided he wants to repaint the bedroom, too. Fine by me if he wants to add to the list before Friday. Thank goodness my family is coming – it gives us a deadline! Although, I will admit that I like having the bedroom in the living room right now. It’s so easy to just relax on it! But it will be nice to have the house back together. I’m so excited to see the nursery nook. We don’t have a crib yet, but we’ll get it soon. I want to set it up a few weeks in advance so I can train the cats to not jump in it. I’m thinking that tinfoil in the crib (not when baby is there – before!) will scare the cats out of it.

Our list remains long, but it seems more manageable. My family hasn’t been to our condo in two years, and then it looked much different (we still had carpet then, for example). I’m excited to show them our small space improvements. Friday afternoon I’ll probably leave work a few hours early to finish cleaning before they arrive. I hope the weather is nice this weekend. I always think visitors here deserve our best weather. Right now rain is predicted, but the forecast often changes. Fingers crossed.

What else? Not much exercise lately. We’re busy or I’m tired or can barely walk (thanks left butt cheek!). I need to do more though. I haven’t weighed myself. I do miss all of my running clothes – I’ll definitely look forward to getting back in shape after baby. My tight shorts might never fit again, depending on what my hips do… but hopefully my tanks and such things will.

I’m grateful for every day baby continues to grow and move, and I pray everything continues to go well. Still, I want her to get here so I know everything is fine. She’s been freaking me out lately – once in a while – but her movements are back to normal yesterday and today.

Oh, funny story. Friday night we were looking at the baby registry. And S decided to buy diapers from our own registry. Like all of a sudden he was worried that the baby would arrive and we wouldn’t have diapers! Made me laugh. This was after we had a lengthy discussion about diaper sizes. You see, the Costco diapers say “Size 1” on the box and read “Infant” in English, but “Newborn” in French. So, S assumed that that meant Size 1 and Newborn size were the same thing. I said I didn’t think so. And it could be a case of the translations not matching up exactly. He thought I was being ridiculous because if it said Newborn in French, it must be newborn. And I said I was pretty sure there was a newborn sized diaper and then a size 1. Long story short – I was right. Clearly the Infant/Newborn translation was a bit off. Ha.

Alright, work to do! Everything is due this week. Then I’m going to need to find projects to keep me occupied for the following 5 weeks.


3 thoughts on “34 weeks, 2 days

  1. I think it’s all about slowing down from now. I appreciate that coming from me that sounds ludicrous as I am failing at this so massively. You seem to be doing great but is there someone you can see about your pain? When I hurt my back my guy was able to do some gentle adjustments that didn’t hurt baby but did make me feel a lot better. xxx

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    1. I’m feeling a tad bit better, but I might schedule a massage. Yes, definitely slowing down. It’s making me feel very lazy. And missing my running and other summer sports. I’ve never been out of shape! Baby had better be cute after all of this! 😉

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      1. Hahaha! Yeah I’ve also never been so out of shape too! I have a massage tonight after work and I’m looking forward to it SO MUCH!!


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