35 weeks, 5 days

35 weeks, 5 days

35 weeks, 5 days. June 29, 2017.

Officially one month until baby girl’s due date, and that means I’m officially 8 months pregnant! Crazy! For the record, I think baby girl will arrive in August. I don’t know why; I just assume. I’d prefer one week early, but apparently I’m not in control of that. For now, she seems quite content in there. I love when she moves a lot and kicks me in funny ways. It makes me laugh, and it’s starting to tickle. Or yesterday she gave me a few good, hard kicks throughout the day.  It’s always on my right side, and hopefully that means she’s staying in the correct position. Or maybe that means she wants to get out sooner rather than later. Who knows. But, it’s safe to say that my baby will not be one month early as I was (exactly one month!).

I don’t have too much to say; I just wanted to mark the official one month remaining mark. While I can’t wait for baby girl to arrive safely, I know so much will change in one month, and I’m a bit nervous about that. I know everything will be fine, and S and I will figure it out, but still. Some nervousness remains.

My feet have been killing me lately, so I put them way up when I get home. I have a box under my desk so I can get them off the floor. And yesterday I went swimming for the first time in a while. Gravity free cardio felt good, and it helped my feet a bit. I’m often quite tired after work and I don’t have much enthusiasm for getting things done. I try to accomplish a few things on my pre-baby list, that way there is less to do when she arrives.

I have to pee all of the time, but I need to keep drinking water. I pee like every 60-90 minutes at work, and usually 2x per night. Oh well. I’ve learned to not wait until I really really have to pee, because then it’s a painful walk to the restroom.

Re: work, I’m still thinking I’ll work till July 28, or longer, depending on when baby comes and how I feel. But that’s only 21 more days of work. And I’ll be glad for 2.5 more paychecks. Lately, I find that 7 hours of work is fine, but the 8 hour day (technically 9 for me since the 1 hour lunch is required, but not always taken, but not billable) wears on me.

Old ladies love asking me all the baby questions lately: when are you due? Is this your first? Boy or girl? Names yet? It’s cute. They like to relive their pregnancies (the good parts). I haven’t had any strangers be rude to me, so hopefully that continues. Even everyone at work is very nice. Only one guy is inappropriate, but he’s like that with everyone, so I just ignore it. He’s harmless, even if sometimes annoying. Otherwise, all is well.

I read a lot of baby apps and message boards, and some  have horrible doctor stories. I’m so glad that I love my OBGYN office and fertility clinic. I feel lucky to live where I do.

Baby seems to especially like the Greek yogurt/almond milk/frozen fruit smoothie I’ve been making lately and bringing to work. After I drink it, she practically dances around. It’s interesting – of the women having boys, they seem to say that baby boy never stops moving around. Whereas my baby girl will be active for a while and then chill. It’s like me when I run. Oh, I ran 10 miles this morning? That was productive. I’m good. Now I’ll chill.

Ah, 10 miles. I look forward to the days when I can run again. However, I know that I’ll actually have to do strength and core training prior to running. I don’t want to mess up my pelvic floor or anything like that.

Tomorrow is Friday. Yay! I’m okay with today not being Friday because we haven’t made any weekend plans yet. So… might as well get work done. We don’t have too much to do before baby arrives. Though we need to take a hospital tour and read about pain management techniques for labor.

Some things I do need: nursing bras & tanks. I’ll have to hunt for the best deal and just get a few to start since apparently boob size will fluctuate. Oh goody.


4 thoughts on “35 weeks, 5 days

  1. I can tell you that my small dude is very active and when he is it really hurts these days!! He does rest and mainly leaves me alone at night so I’m not sure the gender theory stacks up. Cute idea though. xx

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