36 weeks, 2 days

36 weeks, 2 days

36 weeks, 2 days. July 3, 2017.

3 weeks and 5 days to go, in theory. Keep getting smarter and stronger in there, baby girl. I expect to be generally uncomfortable for the month of July this year… oh well. Fortunately, my piriformis muscle is feeling mostly better (solution: stretch it multiple times per day). The belly continues to be in the way of most things, but that’s par for the course.

Saturday morning A and I went swimming – well, pool running, which was so much fun and felt great.  And it gave us a chance to catch up on all things baby and pregnancy. But by Saturday afternoon I wasn’t feeling well at all – achey and tired and what not, and hungry/not hungry. Just crummy. My mom told me to rest when I feel that way. I ended up taking a late afternoon nap and then feeling much better. The rain doesn’t help either, but that’s nothing new. I slept through S working on the nursery nook. Let’s hope baby is as excellent a sleeper as I am. Apparently, as a baby I went to sleep late, but slept late, too. My mom said play group had to change to 9am for me, because we couldn’t make it there by 8! Please, baby, be a good and late sleeper like mama.

Sunday we decided to go up to IKEA to get a nursery rocking chair. It will live in the living room so we wanted something minimal to fit and something that didn’t look like a nursery glider (no offense to those who like them, but I find them hideous), and of course something affordable. We got the classic IKEA Poang Rocking chair. It looks nice and is very comfortable! And easy to move around the living room. I put it together last night (I’m quite adept at IKEA construction…knock on wood). We also got matching bins for baby’s nursery nook to hold all of her diapers and such things. Putting them together is a classic IKEA chore, so it’s going to take me a few days. I’ll post pictures, eventually. We’re almost done. The crib will arrive today and once we wash the clothes, we’ll be all set!

Baby moves a lot lately, but she’s clearly running out of room and I can feel multiple movements at once (like hands & legs?).  I think sometimes she stretches out all the way across because both sides of my belly feel hard, not just the usual one where she sticks her butt/back. I hope she’s not too big. We went to see Wonder Woman on Saturday night (entertaining, but I wouldn’t call it my favorite movie ever), and baby moved the entire time! Maybe from the noise? Whatever, I’m always glad when she moves.

Tomorrow is Independence Day (July 4) so I have the day off, hooray. Lots of people took off today, too, but I figured I’d save a day for later in the month so I can have another shorter week. And we didn’t have any big plans. S has lots of work to do and refuses to take me out on the catamaran being this pregnant. Rats. Oh well. At least we played frisbee in the sunshine yesterday. For the record, catching a high frisbee is much easier than catching a low frisbee at this point. Bending down is not fun. Tonight is a barbecue with friends and fireworks at the waterfront afterwards. And tomorrow is a July 4th parade and then to the beach/park. I told S I wanted to go to the “beach” so I could walk in the water, even if it’s cold. He doesn’t understand just how warm I am lately. (Note: I have trouble saying “beach” when referring to the lake and not the ocean, but it’s the only beach we have around here.)

Rant: I’m really missing summer beer or margaritas or any sort of drink that isn’t seltzer or water. I won’t lie, it makes outings less fun when everyone else can drink. S is generally good about it, but sometimes he teases me and I have to remind him to not be mean and not be a jerk. Like, I don’t care what you’re drinking or what anyone else is drinking. Not even one bit. And I’m tired of being the only one who cannot drink, for like 8 months now. Ugh. Oh well, it’s only temporary. Sometimes I find it depressing and want to sulk, but I get over it and then have a good time with everyone (to a point, until friends are tipsy or drunk…then I don’t care anymore). However, I want a baby more than I want a drink, so I deal. But, really… if men had to have the babies and give up alcohol and all such things, the human population would die out.

I don’t mean to complain. Just venting a bit. While S doesn’t always understand what I’m going through, he’s really been so good to me throughout this pregnancy (we are both afforded our slip-ups, of course). He picks up my slack when needed, worked very hard to make the renovations we wanted, makes sure that I rest when needed, and continues to make sure everything will be ready. Sometimes I just get frustrated with my pregnancy limitations. You know… lack of energy, decreased mobility, lack of alcohol. I do miss our usual summer activities, too – sailing, kayaking, long bike rides. A and I were chatting and she said one of the hardest parts of becoming a mom was adjusting to the new lifestyle. I can see how I’m already going through that. It’ll be worth it, as change often is, but it will be hard, as change often is. There is some truth to the saying, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” So far, that’s been true in life for me. And the easy things… ended up not being what I wanted.

Last week I had tons of work to do. Today, not so much. But I have lots of emails to catch up on (umm…not work related….) so this downtime will probably give me time for that. It’s so hard to be motivated to do things after work – well, things involving a computer. Still, I have to find some billable tasks. Hmm…

One other note: I have taken off my rings because I’m afraid they’ll get stuck! My hands are swelling, necessarily, but they are harder to get off than usual. So I decided to take them off for now.

And, I have to pee every single hour today. Thanks, baby.

And that’s enough rambling for now.



One thought on “36 weeks, 2 days

  1. I hear you on the limitations. I find it possibly the most frustrating aspect of this stage of pregnancy. I want to do all these things and simply can’t do them. I try and remind myself of the bigger picture too but it doesn’t stop me from feeling cranky about it.
    Reading about rain makes me want to cry. It’s so hot here – it’s been a heat wave the past 5 days and got up to 46C/115F – and I cannot deal with it. So I’ll trade your rain for my heat?


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