36 weeks, 4 days

36 weeks, 4 days

36 weeks, 4 days. July 5, 2017.

36.5 weeks! I’m tired today and slightly uncomfortable in my desk chair. The middle of my back is tight and that same spot below my right boob/above my uterus has the burning sensation as per usual (thanks, baby, for just stretching that spot). Other than all that, I’m feeling fine. I can walk again, which is a huge relief. I feel as though as I have slightly more strength/energy than I did these past two weeks. Perhaps because my mobility is improving.

Yesterday was a lovely day. We slept in, opting to not go to a parade, ate breakfast, and put together the crib and the remainder of the storage bins for baby’s nursery. Then we went to the beach for some afternoon sunshine, swimming, and barbecuing. We stayed until almost 8pm, it was so nice outside. One of the best perks of pregnancy is that the water doesn’t feel cold! Normally it takes me forever to get in – not currently!

We’re checking things off our pre-baby to-do list, though it seems like I keep adding to it, and thus the list doesn’t really get any shorter. Hmm.

I suppose baby could make an appearance any time now, but I don’t have any signs of labor, so I doubt it. Really, I would prefer baby to wait till 39/40 weeks, just so everything is wrapped up, I’ve had a few more paychecks, and she’s as ready as she needs to be.

The little nursery is adorable – just like we pictured. (Remember the before??!) S did an awesome job. I found the inspiration, but he did all of the hard work. There was demolition, framing, plastering, sanding, painting, framing, shelf construction… a big effort for such a tiny space! Organizing all of those tiny baby clothes is a challenge though. I’m not sure what will work best. And I suppose we’ll just go through all of the clothes and somehow she’ll wear them all. See below! The bookcase/dresser on the left holds 0-3 months size baby clothes, baby linens, and miscellaneous items. The bins up top hold bigger baby clothes, extra diapers & wipes, and baby items behind the bins that we don’t need just yet. Hopefully it’s a good system. We don’t have a changing table – we’ll just have a changing bin that holds diapers, wipes, and a changing pad so she can be changed anywhere.

Tomorrow is the 36 week ultrasound (even though it’s closer to 37 weeks). Hopefully everything is in order. Hopefully no surprises. I also have acupuncture tomorrow, and a board meeting, and regular work. Busy day! As for today – hopefully some energy returns!

Baby’s little nursery

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