37 weeks, 2 days

37 weeks, 2 days

37 weeks, 2 days. July 10, 2017.

2 weeks, 5 days to go. Theoretically. My hope is that baby will be born anytime between July 22-July 29. My thought remains that she’ll born August 1. Of course, that could just be preparing myself for a late baby arrival. The weekly appointments are supposed to make it go fast now, but Thursday (next appt) feels far away. Mondays. Only a few more Mondays for a while. Then an entirely different kind of chaos and Mondays.

I’m feeling fine. My mid-back was killing me Friday/Saturday, but I finally got in some good exercise yesterday (walking 75 minutes and playing frisbee in the lake), and I feel better, mostly. Saturday night I couldn’t sleep, so I took myself to the couch so I wouldn’t wake up S by my constant fidgeting and getting up to pee. My thoughts kept me up, too: what will labor be like? Can I handle? When will baby arrive? What are the swaddling instructions? Exercise clearly helped, because last night (when I finally was tired), I fell sound asleep. I’ll have to go for a long walk after work today.

In other news: we took a hospital tour on Saturday. It’s such a nice facility. And we packed our hospital bags. We realized we didn’t have any lightweight summer baby (newborn sized) sleepers, so we picked some out at Kohls. They’re so cute. I ordered a robe to walk around in during labor since I don’t have one, and some newborn sleeper gowns, figuring those would be pretty easy for diaper changes and what not. I have two nursing bras, but I’ll hold off on buying more until I figure out what I like and what size will fit. Otherwise, we’re all set, I think. I still have items on my to-do list, but at least if baby arrived early, we’re ready for her.

I haven’t had any braxton hicks that I know of. My mom said she didn’t either. She said she never really had contractions prior to labor, just back pain and feeling sick. I don’t know if baby has dropped… once in a while I feel more pressure on the bottom of my belly, but it doesn’t stay. I’m wondering if I’ll be one of those women who just misses the signs of labor. That wouldn’t be terrible, so long as we get to the hospital in time and everything is okay. Luckily, we live about 5 minutes away.

It’s so strange not knowing when baby will arrive. I guess a lot of life you cannot predict when something will happen, but this is just an extra level of strange.

Baby moves a lot. Clearly, she’s running out of room because more than one part of my belly is visibly moving at one time! I like when she moves, as I know all is well.

I’m trying to choose a day to use for a vacation day prior to baby’s arrival. I’m thinking one next week would be a good idea. Obviously, a nice sunny day. Maybe next Friday? Monday? I’m not sure. But it seems like it would be a nice thing to do. Or should I save it to use July 28 or July 31, just in case baby isn’t here yet? I’m saying my last day is probably July 28, but if baby is going to be 1 week late, maybe I don’t want to use an entire week of time off … just sitting around, waiting anxiously. So, who knows.

Rocking chair
This makes me laugh. 
35 weeks! (I’m sure the belly has grown since then.)



2 thoughts on “37 weeks, 2 days

  1. Good to hear you’re doing so well. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky types who is totally fine up until they instantaneously go into labour. I am sure staying fit is helpful too! Bump looks great but you need some more recent ones! xx


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