37 weeks, 4 days

37 weeks, 4 days

37 weeks, 4 days. July 12, 2017.

It seems like it should be later than Wednesday. Rats. Hopefully next Wednesday, S and I can both take the day off on a sunny day. I’m not sure it will fit with our work schedules, but hopefully!

I’m feeling heavier. Well, the belly is feeling heavier. Lower, perhaps? I really have no idea. I have to pee more often, but I don’t find it any easier to breathe. However, I never really had a problem breathing so that wouldn’t be a good go-by. Overall, a bit tired. A bit impatient. A bit anxious. To be expected, I suppose.

Yesterday I thought maybe once or twice I was having a brief contraction (BH kind, I’d imagine). I’m not sure, but I did think, oh, that’s different! This morning I woke up with some mild cramping.  All of the articles say that period like cramping in your lower abdomen means labor is near-ish (all relative). But, I kept thinking, period cramps? I don’t even remember what those feel like! And I don’t even know where my lower abdomen is these days! This morning, I realized, oh right, that’s what they feel like. It was the first indication to me that labor will actually happen. It still feels far away and surreal, but for a few moments this morning, it felt closer. My mom says it just means baby is getting ready and it could easily be another week or more. She said when I start to feel really terrible, I’ll know it’s time. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 1pm. We’ll see what she says. For now, I feel fine, just heavy in the front with the usual aches and pains.

I checked my lab results from last week’s Group B Strep test. I tested positive. I can’t quite comprehend how one gets it or what it is. Apparently 25% of healthy women have it.  But it does mean that I will need antibiotics during labor. That doesn’t bother me (IV and needles, whatever), but I hope that it will protect baby. I read that with antibiotics babies have a 1 in 4,000 chance of getting the virus, whereas without antibiotics babies have a 1 in 200 chance. Bring on the antibiotics! And I’ll have to get to the hospital earlier for antibiotics can be administered. Not a big deal, as we’re super close. I’ll report more after the doctor appointment. I was quite surprised to see that I did test positive for it, but I do have some friends who also tested positive, so I’m not too worried. Just a bit.


3 thoughts on “37 weeks, 4 days

  1. Good luck getting labor started soon! Isn’t it obnoxious when people tell you that “you’ll know” when labor starts. I thought I was having bad gas/digestive feeling pain from eating spicy chicken to get her out. Turns out once I started timing these bouts of pain they were contractions. Once it got past the point of “gassy” feeling and began feeling like…severe cramping you DEFINITELY know. But man, did I hate those Braxton Hicks “mind games”. Wishing you luck for an easy labor (that comes soon!).

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  2. For me BH are mainly a really strong tightening of the bump muscles. Like they become rock hard!! This makes me feel the need to wee more strongly temporarily too. Sometimes they are painful as in it feels like they’re being pulled extra tight and/or they come with mild back pain which is kind of similar to what I get with period pain. Not sure if that helps! What I’ve felt so far doesn’t really feel like period pain to me although I understand the comparison. I think when actual labour contractions kick in it will be very obvious!!


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