37 weeks, 6 days

37 weeks, 6 days

37 weeks, 6 days.  July 14, 2017.

Friday. Hooray! In a few weeks, life will be very different. We’re looking forward to baby’s arrival. In the meantime, I think I’m running out of work to do. I have a couple of reports to write, but I’ve started the templates and background writing. Hopefully I’ll get the field work to do next week and wrap up both reports. After that, baby is welcome to arrive anytime. Just give me one more week, baby, so I can earn this full paycheck. (Of course, I still think she’ll be late and I’ll just twiddling my thumbs, anxiously.)

Yesterday’s doctor appointment went well. I’ve gained 35 lbs, if you’re wondering. The doctor said that was fine – right where I should be. Baby’s heartbeat is good. My blood pressure is good – lower than it’s been in a while, actually. Group B strep is not a big deal as long as I get antibiotics once my water breaks. I told the doctor I didn’t have too many complaints other than I feel heavy and sometimes ache. She said it was okay to complain – I’m not listed as one of their whiners. Haha. No way to know if baby will make an early appearance. I really liked this doctor. I have a few favorite doctor & midwives, so hopefully I get one of my favorites during labor.

Oh! Apparently I do have BH contractions all of the time – when belly is rock hard. I had no idea, but she pointed it out to me yesterday. Good to know. I’m always saying to S, feel how hard the belly is right now! So far, none have been painful. I have some pressure lower down but nothing that lasts for more than a few seconds.

I think we actually have everything need now. Yesterday I picked up a baby nasal aspirator thing, wipe bins (since we only had refills), nursing pads, and baby vaseline. The childcare class instructor said to slather it on baby’s butt so it’s easier to clean those first poopy diapers. I ordered a baby thermometer and nail clippers from Amazon (cheaper than Babies R US). My nursing nightgown and robe and the newborn sleeping gowns arrive today. We have one load of laundry to do and I should mop the floors, but all is well. And, we have to install the carseat.

I didn’t make any food ahead of time as our freezer can only hold so much. I might do some baking so I have yummy snacks those first few days. Berry muffins are my favorite, and I have the best recipe. Seriously, try it.

The cats have stopped trying to jump in the crib. Izzy did a few times. I took her out and she seems to have lost interest. My guess is that she realizes she’s way too close to being picked up if she’s in there. She’d rather stuff herself in a clothing drawer or in the corner next to the bed (she’s a bit odd). I placed tinfoil in the crib hoping she’d scare herself. But the sneaky cat just jumped around it (she’s pretty smart). And Fuzzy prefers to hang out in the chairs, so I’m not worried about him.

My main task while on maternity leave (beyond taking care of baby, of course) is planning the 40th reunion for my alumni association. We are doing well, but still have a lot to do! Right now I’m waiting on prices from venues/caterers/etc., which is frustrating, because once we get that info, we move along with tickets and sponsors. Aye! Come on people!

And some photos. Pardon the restroom selfie, but it’s the easiest way to get a photo. And one of my cat, Izzy, trying to get comfortable on my belly. She tries even though she’s never satisfied.

giant belly. dropped? no idea. I think it depends on what I’m wearing.
Izzy, not pleased, but trying to decide how long she’ll tolerate me. such a cat!

3 thoughts on “37 weeks, 6 days

  1. I did start to wonder about you and BH!! Yeah they mainly don’t hurt but sometimes they do. I’m sure you’ll know it when it happens. Lovely bump and kitty pics!! 😻

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