38 weeks, 3 days

38 weeks, 3 days

Dear Baby Girl,

Today I am 38 weeks + 3 days pregnant with you. If you could shift off of my sciatic nerve, that would be very helpful. As of Saturday, I’ve had trouble walking and there’s shooting pain from my butt to my foot on my right side. I hope you’re cute, because this hurts! I just want to go for a walk!

This is an interesting time… just waiting, wondering when you’ll arrive. While it would be nice to have early maternity leave like other countries, I think I’d just drive myself crazy waiting around for you. However, not sitting at my desk would be nice! Fortunately, I have projects to wrap up at work and other random tasks assigned to me.

Point being, I’m still waiting and wondering, knowing you could arrive anytime within the next two weeks. I’m hoping you won’t be late, but I know you’ll make your debut when you’re ready. Apparently some people have no signs of labor until it’s time. I might be one of those women. If you chose to arrive this Friday, that’d be okay by me. It’s sort of like being in limbo between two lives – pre baby and with baby.

Your father and I are very excited for your arrival! It’s been a long time planning and a long road to get to you. In the grand scheme of things, 11 days +/- is nothing! Last year at this time, I was wondering if I could actually get pregnant. I’m so grateful to be pregnant and to be expecting your arrival

So far, I’ve had an easy pregnancy with you. My biggest complaints are the fact that it was uncomfortable to run and it’s a bit stressful. Why the stress? Well, I would wonder if you were moving enough or if I was eating the wrong things. As much I like the round pregnant belly and you moving around, I am anxious for you to get here so I know you are healthy and all is okay!

It’s also fun picking out baby items, and being told I’m adorable. Of course, now I’m super pregnant and I think some of my adorable-ness has faded! Every week I’ve loved Saturdays because that was the day that the week changed for us. In the early weeks and months, I was so grateful to get to another week. There are important milestones: 7 weeks (first heartbeat check), 9/10 weeks (second ultrasound), 14 weeks (second trimester), 20 weeks (halfway there & anatomy scan), 24 weeks (viability), 30 weeks (3/4 there!), 36 weeks (ultrasound) and 37 weeks (full term, depending on which doctor you ask).

Choosing your name was much harder than I thought. I’ve always loved picking out names for my dolls and characters in stories, but choosing a permanent name for you was much more pressure than I anticipated.

I keep imagining writing a more eloquent letter to you, but you are using my brain cells (apparently). This will have to do for now.

Love, mama


This afternoon baby has been moving a lot, like she’s trying to get comfy in there. She must be running out of room. Kid, I know how you feel! My sciatic nerve pain is so bad, that I’m not really sure if anything else is going on. I feel like I could be having lots & lots of braxton hicks, but I’m not sure because of said nerve pain. I feel a bit achey in my hips, but I know that’s par for the course now, and I’ve been at work all day. So that probably means nothing. Maybe some stomach pain? If baby wants to arrive this week, that’s okay by me (preferably Thursday or Friday, not today or tomorrow… one big deadline for tomorrow! And a load of laundry we need to do! Since we don’t have a washer/dryer, it takes extra planning to get the wash done.) But no other signs beyond the discomfort.


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