38 weeks, 5 days

38 weeks, 5 days

38 weeks, 5 days. July 20, 2017.

Yup, still here, still pregnant. And officially “super pregnant” now. At least I’m not overdue yet – that’s good. But it doesn’t mean I’m comfortable! Still working, and this is the paycheck I was hoping to get to, so that’s good. Thank you, baby! I figure if baby isn’t here yet, it’s a good excuse to just eat more ice cream. Why not? Nothing very exciting to report at this point, so I’ll just run down a list.

  • Remember that last load of laundry I mentioned? Well, we finally did it yesterday. Now all of baby’s clothes and my robe/nightgown and our regular clothes are washed, too. We just have to put the bags in the car and we’ll be good.
  • The car seat is not yet in the car because I feel weird driving around with it. But we live 5 minutes from the hospital, so it’s not a big deal if S needs to go home to get it.
  • No signs of labor, I don’t think. Sometimes I have more pressure in my lower abdomen or pelvis. I can identify more frequent BH contractions now, but they never bother me. Walking is harder because baby sits on my sciatic nerve. I’ve noticed a bit of heartburn (thank goodness for Tums!). And overall, everything aches a bit more. But, nothing obvious like losing my mucus plug or a bloody show or anything like that. So, whatever.
  • If baby wants to arrive late, that’s ok – I suppose – but I hope it will be like 2 days late, not 1 week, which just keeps me in limbo at work. Plus, later baby = bigger baby.
  • I’m so warm all of the time. Seriously, it’s insane. S will be chilly at night and I can barely sleep under a sheet! He likes to cuddle and so do I, but when I’m this hot and this large, I sometimes wish for a larger bed!
  • I woke up at 2am this morning (to pee, of course) and thought it was 6am. Then I was bummed that it wasn’t 6am because it meant I had to get comfortable enough to sleep for another 4-5 hours. Although I did wake up to pee at 4am (and because Fuzzy was throwing up…gross, cat). That’s how you know you’re super pregnant…when trying to get comfortable enough to sleep feels like too much work!

Guesses from family & friends on baby’s arrival:

  • July 22 – Julia
  • July 23- mom
  • July 25- sister E
  • July 26 – Alex (requests a margarita & a pie made by S if he’s right)
  • July 27 – sister S
  • July 28 (at 10:22am) – Dad
  • Aug 1 – S & me
  • Aug 2 – Cousins
  • Aug 3 – sister A

So… most every date is covered, haha! I’m hoping soon. And I’m hoping not July 27, because S has a meeting (not close by) on that day. I also hope it’s not August 2 or 3, because that’s just getting too late. My other guess is July 31, because that’s when my grandmother died (7 years ago).


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