39 weeks, 4 days

39 weeks, 4 days

39 weeks, 4 days. July 26, 2017.

Baby is definitely wearing out her welcome in my uterus! I’m just uncomfortable. If I could walk without pain, that might be different. Then I’d just spend my evenings walking. However, my sciatic nerve issue is unrelenting, so walking isn’t really an option. It’s truly painful. Even trying to get in/out of bed and get comfortable can be painful.

And between having zero work to do at work and really nothing to do at home, I’m just waiting. I don’t want to rush baby; I’m afraid of being overdue (or really overdue) and needing to be induced. I’m not sure what I’ll do at work if I have to wait another 1-2 weeks. I don’t want to take that time off – it’s not like I can enjoy summertime at this stage, so having time off wouldn’t really be fun. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning, so hopefully that will bring some good news. I’ll let her check me for dilation tomorrow.

Saturday is 40 weeks. I shouldn’t complain until then. Or Monday, perhaps. After that, I’m going to get a little antsy. I have acupuncture scheduled for Monday, but I’m hoping baby will arrive before then so I can save my money. I keep hoping that I’ll just wake up in the morning with contractions!

So, anyway, baby, if you could hurry it along, that’d be great. We’re anxious to meet you! xoxo.

38 weeks, 2 days
39 weeks, 4 days.

3 thoughts on “39 weeks, 4 days

  1. Beautiful baby bump!! Hang in there mamma as it must surely be time soon. Have you tried any of the tricks for bringing on labour yet? Spicy curry or errrr relations with hubby? 🤣 xx

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