39 weeks, 5 days

39 weeks, 5 days

39 weeks, 5 days. July 27, 2017.

Nothing exciting at the doctor today. She did check my cervix. Zero dilation, though she said it’s short and softening. However, all of this means nothing as baby could come tomorrow or next week (or the week after…hold me). Who knows. I’m hoping my daughter is a perfectionist, like me, and wants to arrive on the exact date. You know, like using every minute possible to study for a test or train for a race. Hopefully she is not too much of a procrastinator! I told her she has 2 more days; being on time is perfect. Being late is no fun. Hahaha.

I need to adjust my mindset, however, in case baby girl is very late. Once the calendar rolls into August, it’s going to feel late. If only I could walk like a normal (pregnant) person. Stupid sciatic nerve. Yet, all of this is temporary. I need to stop complaining because I’ve had an easy pregnancy and time will pass, as it always does. Still, I don’t want to gain more weight and I don’t want baby to grow to be a giant baby! I’m impatient and anxious to meet baby, more than I am nervous. It’s seem surreal that I’ll have a baby soon.

I should use this time to wrap up any random tasks I have or things on my non-work to do list. I guess I was assuming baby would come early. Oh well. All that matters is that she’s healthy and I’m healthy. Maybe this will help my mindset.

The doctor said next week they’ll do a non-stress test and an ultrasound to make sure everything is okay. Also, I don’t want to be induced. My mom said it’s horrible (she was induced with the youngest, wherein she decided she was done having kids).

Well, it seems like I’ll be writing every day or every day now, just as I did in the beginning. Of course, in the beginning, I wanted the days to pass. Now I just want baby to get here. Sort of different, but it does help with the sanity level.


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