39 weeks, 6 days

39 weeks, 6 days

39 weeks, 6 days. July 28, 2017.

Might as well round out the week with another post. Dearest baby, you have one day until your due date, which seems like a perfectly fine day to arrive. I understand you are very comfortable in there, but I promise I’ll make things comfortable for you on the outside. We are very anxious to meet you, and now you’ve had your full 40 weeks (tomorrow) to get as smart and as developed as you need. Time to come meet the world. Also, I’m hoping you don’t get too big in there. While I care only about a healthy baby, I was hoping for a small baby. Somewhere in the 7lb range seems fine. I know you don’t care, baby, and my mom says get used to it because kids will never do what you want, but I can hope!

No signs of you coming, however. Last night I bought a yoga ball to bounce (lightly) on and to rock my hips, in hopes of relieving some sciatic nerve pain. No luck on that, but it was comfortable to hang out on the ball for a while. Then as we were going to bed last night, the top of my uterus hurt and I had a terrible headache. Both have faded. I’ve had heartburn quite noticeably lately. Thank goodness for Tums. Once in a while I get what I guess people call is “lightening crotch” (though that’s a ridiculous term), but it goes away. So, maybe I’ll just go into labor spontaneously.

Today would be my last day, but not if baby doesn’t want to arrive until next week. I have acupuncture scheduled for Tuesday morning to help move things along if needed. I’m really trying to be patient. I wish I could go for a long walk! Tonight after work we’re heading to the park to go swimming and bbq. Hopefully swimming will relieve some sciatic nerve pain, even temporarily.

Baby is still moving a lot, though at this point it’s pretty much her feet. She likes to stick her feet into the right side of my belly. I keep telling her she cannot get out that way!  Really, any day in July would be fine. Saturday, Sunday, Monday. My grandmother died July 31, 2010, so perhaps that is the day baby girl will make her arrival. Maybe Grandma can give her a little nudge.

We haven’t told my side of the family baby’s name yet. I said they can know when she’s born. However, I did say her middle name will be Kathryn. I might be repeating myself, but it’s for my mom (her middle name), S’s mom, and me (a variation of my name).

I’m worried about going too long overdue, being induced, and a giant baby. I understand that I cannot control any of this, but that doesn’t quite change my worry. I know I won’t be pregnant much longer, but it feels like it!! And for the love of God, people need to stop telling me that they were two weeks overdue with their babies. It is NOT helpful. Nor does it make me feel any better.

So, we’ll see. All “hurry up, baby” vibes welcome! Who knows. Tomorrow? Next week? We love you baby. We want to snuggle you on the outside!


7 thoughts on “39 weeks, 6 days

  1. I was just thinking about you and wondering if there was no post it might mean baby was on the way. I think she’ll come on the 31st to make it a special day. ❤️

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      1. Oh no!! I was really hoping your silence meant baby was on the way. Hold strong mamma!!
        All still crap here but I’m very close to chucking in the breast feeding!!


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