40 weeks, 4 days

40 weeks, 4 days

40 weeks, 4 days. August 2, 2017.

Clearly, I was wrong about the August 1 birthday. I’m going to be pregnant forever, it seems. I’ve resigned myself to this fate. It would be nice if baby would arrive before next week, but she seems to have her own set schedule already. She’d better be cute! No changes to report. Every morning I wake up and feel the same.

I went to acupuncture yesterday, and that helped with my recent anxiety. It’s part therapy, which I needed yesterday. She told me that it’s okay to feel however I feel: crabby, scared, anxious, whatever it may be. It’s good to acknowledge those feelings and close up my feelings. I was able to tell her all of my fears and annoyances, without fear of judgment. The combination of getting it all out there and the actual acupuncture really helped me to calm down. Also, I only worked a half day yesterday, which just felt sort of freeing. She reminded me that if I’m worried, I can go in and see the doctor. I can be demanding. And in the hospital, I can be demanding (for example: no residents doing the stitching or whatever might be required). I talked to S about it all, and he is ready to take charge and keep on top of things.

Still, we’re both just waiting! At least I have some work to do at work. Tomorrow I’ve scheduled a field visit, assuming I feel the same in the morning, and S is going to come with me, just in case. My boss is okay with that plan. It should be a fun day! Friday I’m taking a half day because I have my non-stress test in the afternoon, and then acupuncture again. Acupuncture is supposed to help give baby a nudge if she’s ready, but not if she’s not. And hopefully it will help avoid artificial induction, or whatever you want to call it.

The upside of being overdue: it will feel like longer maternity leave and insurance coverage, and I make more money while waiting. That definitely helps with the savings account. And we’re enjoying these sunny, hot evenings (75-85 degrees F) for Frisbee and barbecue time.

So… still here, still pregnant, but less crabby. Still impatient, but trying to chill. I’ve been reading positive affirmations about birth, hoping to convince baby to make her way into the world. Baby has shifted away from my sciatic nerve, which makes a world of difference in my mood as it’s less painful to get around. Thank goodness.