41 weeks, 0 days

41 weeks, 0 days

41 weeks, 0 days. August 5, 2017.

Officially one week overdue, baby girl. I’m still shocked, as I just assumed IVF would have more accurate dates. Oh well.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment for the non-stress test. The nurse straps my belly to measure the baby’s heartbeat in one spot and contractions in another. The monitor records how baby reacts to everything. The test lasts about 20-25 minutes. Good news, baby’s heartbeat was just fine and she responds well to contractions. Apparently I was having contractions 5-7 minutes apart, but not the type that are labor contractions. I couldn’t feel any of them. Perhaps that’s a good thing. Afterwards, I had an ultrasound. Everything looks good – amniotic fluid, head size,¬†and all that. However, the doctor predicts baby to be about 8 1/2 lbs! yikes! I knew she’d be big. Hopefully she’s closer to 8lbs, so she fits in her newborn clothes for more than one day! Perhaps that’s why I’ve gained about 40 lbs. Or maybe I should blame it on all of the ice cream I ate? Oh well. Too late now! Though I will be sad if she cannot fit in her adorable newborn clothes. My mom said I’ll just have to change her outfit every time I change her diaper, so she can wear all of them. Probably! Clearly, the generation of small babies (my sisters & me) skipped over me.

Then we talked to the doctor about how to proceed. She asked if we were comfortable going to 42 weeks. No, we are not. It gets too risky at 42 weeks. The doctor seemed good with that answer. She said we can schedule an induction for in between 41-42 weeks, and she discussed the induction options with us. Those are more of a game-day decision depending on how everything looks. Currently, an induction is schedule for Wednesday August 9. We could have picked an earlier day, but Wednesday seems fine to me. Tuesday, I’ll go in for another non-stress test and then in the evening, we’ll go to the hospital to get some initial medication for induction and they’ll monitor me for a few hours. Then Wednesday we’ll go in for the induction. While induction is not what I imagined, I’d rather get baby out (as she’s fully developed now) than wait for too long. It’s nice to have an end date, too. It still feels surreal, of course. Next time this week we’ll have a baby home with us. Crazy! I guess we’ll be home Friday from the hospital. Typically insurance covers 2 nights in the hospital, unless there is medical reason for more.

Or maybe baby will come on her own before that. Hahahaha. I doubt it. This kid is comfortable. I don’t see how – she’s clearly out of room!

Saturdays are always interesting days. I think every Saturday is a lazy day for this girl. Seriously. She never moves as much as she does on other days, and it makes me nervous every single Saturday. Today she’s not moving much, so I’m paying close attention. And not much can convince her to move – she’s always been unaffected by my food and drink choices. At least the hospital is only 5 minutes away if I decided she needs to be checked.

I went to acupuncture again yesterday, which was good. The treatment was supposed to help get labor started, but no luck so far. She’s always nice to talk to, and helps me change perspective when I need. For example, while our bodies know what to do, sometimes they just need a little help. She was telling me how her water didn’t break, so the doctors had to break it. And if my body needs help getting labor started, that’s okay, too. Also, she said that an 8 1/2 lb baby would be less stressful for breastfeeding because when tiny babies lose weight it can be dangerous and scary. But when an 8 1/2 lb baby looses 1/2 lb, it’s not such a big deal. Good point. So, acupuncture is always a good thing for me.

And now, we continue to wait. I have a few reports to finish up (of course I got some work to do at the end of this week), so I’m working some this weekend and I’ll wrap it up on Monday, probably making Monday my last day before maternity leave. Maybe Tuesday morning, if I’m needed. Though I’d like to have Tuesday off. We’ll see. I also want to make sure this work gets completed. I’ll keep you posted!




40 weeks, 6 days

40 weeks, 6 days

40 weeks, 6 days. August 4, 2017.

Another day, not much to report. I woke up with some period-like cramping, but nothing really painful. My belly remains tight most of the time (Braxton Hicks, I assume). Potential TMI, but this is new (as in the past couple of days): I feel semi-constipated. Like I want to go, and then I cannot. And it doesn’t seem to matter how much water I drink. It is super annoying. I did google this, of course, and it could be a sign of labor.

Yesterday S and I were in the field for my work site visits, which was so much fun. A nice road trip on a gorgeous sunny day. It was so fun to work together and to have someone to discuss resources with on my travels, as opposed to no one or waiting until I got home. Now I have reports to write, so baby will probably interrupt them. Ha. Or not. We’ll see.

My doctor’s appointment is at 2pm for the non-stress test and then a regular appointment to follow. We have to talk about how long they’ll let me go and I need to voice my concern about getting too close to 42 weeks, for safety/health reasons. I have acupuncture at 5pm today. Granted, more money, but it really helped me this week, emotionally, so it’s worth it to me for another visit or two. Too bad that isn’t covered under health insurance.