40 weeks, 6 days

40 weeks, 6 days

40 weeks, 6 days. August 4, 2017.

Another day, not much to report. I woke up with some period-like cramping, but nothing really painful. My belly remains tight most of the time (Braxton Hicks, I assume). Potential TMI, but this is new (as in the past couple of days): I feel semi-constipated. Like I want to go, and then I cannot. And it doesn’t seem to matter how much water I drink. It is super annoying. I did google this, of course, and it could be a sign of labor.

Yesterday S and I were in the field for my work site visits, which was so much fun. A nice road trip on a gorgeous sunny day. It was so fun to work together and to have someone to discuss resources with on my travels, as opposed to no one or waiting until I got home. Now I have reports to write, so baby will probably interrupt them. Ha. Or not. We’ll see.

My doctor’s appointment is at 2pm for the non-stress test and then a regular appointment to follow. We have to talk about how long they’ll let me go and I need to voice my concern about getting too close to 42 weeks, for safety/health reasons. I have acupuncture at 5pm today. Granted, more money, but it really helped me this week, emotionally, so it’s worth it to me for another visit or two. Too bad that isn’t covered under health insurance.


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