41 weeks, 2 days

41 weeks, 2 days

Still here, still pregnant. That seems to be my familiar refrain these days. However, I have a slight hope that my body might actually put itself into labor before Wednesday. I have a few “signs” – if you’re into that sort of thing. Some brown-ish discharge or red (indicative of the so-called “bloody show). And last night I suddenly started feeling nauseous and not well. And contractions started. They lasted for a little while. Nothing super painful, but uncomfortable. They seemed different to me than any other contractions so far (which have only been Braxton Hicks). I have no idea what these were. I woke up this morning at 5am with more contractions and stayed up because I couldn’t get comfortable. Again, nothing super painful – just new and different and uncomfortable. Coupled with the other signs, I’m assuming labor could be on its way. For that reason, I’m working from home today. I would hate to be in the office if my water breaks! I feel okay, not superb, and contractions seems to come here and there. It’s good to be home. This would be very uncomfortable otherwise.

Now, I just have to wrap up this report before day’s end. Who knows what today or tomorrow will bring.

41 weeks, 1 day. Just when you thought the belly couldn’t get any bigger! 

A lovely weekend, however. Sleeping in (while we can), wandering around town. Some work, ice cream, lots of relaxing, watching street performers, Friday night dinner with friends. And, of course, waiting and wondering. Oh, we did install the car seat yesterday, too! We figured it was about time. And ordered the remaining baby items like a mirror for the car so we can see baby and an extra waterproof crib mattress protector.



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