34 weeks, 2 days

34 weeks, 2 days

34 weeks, 2 days. June 19, 2017.

Still feeling very pregnant these days! Am I supposed to feel this pregnant at this point? I thought this wouldn’t happen until 36 weeks or so. Sometimes that makes me wonder if this baby will come early. Probably not, but it has crossed my mind. Although, most of my slowing down is resulting from this horrible knot or pinched nerve that I have somehow developed on my left backside (at the top of my butt, base of my back). It really limits the speed at which I can move – though only on the left side. It hurts! And it’s making me feel even more pregnant. I could barely move at more than a snail’s pace yesterday to get the frisbee. Aye. Hopefully it goes away. Or hopefully the massage therapist can squeeze me in!

This weekend we did a lot of work on the condo! Well, S does the majority of the work. I keep him company, play gopher, make lunch, and do general cleaning. And lots of resting, which S encourages me to do. The floor is halfway through the bedroom. The nursery nook is looking more nook like! The room actually looks much bigger with the nook not being a closet. We’re relocating the closet, though for the time being we’re just using a rolling garment rack. Having an enclosed closet isn’t critical yet. But the floor and the nook are critical. S decided he wants to repaint the bedroom, too. Fine by me if he wants to add to the list before Friday. Thank goodness my family is coming – it gives us a deadline! Although, I will admit that I like having the bedroom in the living room right now. It’s so easy to just relax on it! But it will be nice to have the house back together. I’m so excited to see the nursery nook. We don’t have a crib yet, but we’ll get it soon. I want to set it up a few weeks in advance so I can train the cats to not jump in it. I’m thinking that tinfoil in the crib (not when baby is there – before!) will scare the cats out of it.

Our list remains long, but it seems more manageable. My family hasn’t been to our condo in two years, and then it looked much different (we still had carpet then, for example). I’m excited to show them our small space improvements. Friday afternoon I’ll probably leave work a few hours early to finish cleaning before they arrive. I hope the weather is nice this weekend. I always think visitors here deserve our best weather. Right now rain is predicted, but the forecast often changes. Fingers crossed.

What else? Not much exercise lately. We’re busy or I’m tired or can barely walk (thanks left butt cheek!). I need to do more though. I haven’t weighed myself. I do miss all of my running clothes – I’ll definitely look forward to getting back in shape after baby. My tight shorts might never fit again, depending on what my hips do… but hopefully my tanks and such things will.

I’m grateful for every day baby continues to grow and move, and I pray everything continues to go well. Still, I want her to get here so I know everything is fine. She’s been freaking me out lately – once in a while – but her movements are back to normal yesterday and today.

Oh, funny story. Friday night we were looking at the baby registry. And S decided to buy diapers from our own registry. Like all of a sudden he was worried that the baby would arrive and we wouldn’t have diapers! Made me laugh. This was after we had a lengthy discussion about diaper sizes. You see, the Costco diapers say “Size 1” on the box and read “Infant” in English, but “Newborn” in French. So, S assumed that that meant Size 1 and Newborn size were the same thing. I said I didn’t think so. And it could be a case of the translations not matching up exactly. He thought I was being ridiculous because if it said Newborn in French, it must be newborn. And I said I was pretty sure there was a newborn sized diaper and then a size 1. Long story short – I was right. Clearly the Infant/Newborn translation was a bit off. Ha.

Alright, work to do! Everything is due this week. Then I’m going to need to find projects to keep me occupied for the following 5 weeks.

33 weeks, 5 days

33 weeks, 5 days

33 weeks, 5 days. June 15, 2017.

Thursday, hooray. Just a few hours remaining, and then Friday. Assuming I work until July 28th, I have 31 work days remaining after today, and 43 days total before baby arrives. Will that be how it plays out? I have no idea, obviously. But it does feel good to think of it that way. It seems like anyone having a baby around here lately is going to her due date or a few days after. Interesting. There are exciting events, aside from completing condo projects:

  • M’s high school graduation this Saturday
  • Mom, Dad, sister A visiting next weekend
  • Baby shower on the 25th
  • 4th of July (always a good holiday)
  • 36 week scan July 7

And hopefully meeting work deadlines! I have three projects in my possession that need to be wrapped up ASAP, and two projects which I’m part of a team.

My left hip / hip flexor / piriformis muscle has been killing me for two days. It’s making walking difficult. But, since it’s nice out, I’m going to walk a while after work and hopefully loosen it up. My upper back often hurts, too, but I’m fairly certain that’s from my chair at work. It’s not that comfortable. Good thing I can stand when needed.

Baby girl has been changing her habits lately. She was moving like crazy a few days ago, but yesterday and today I have to work to get her to move. I still get 10 kicks in 2 hours, though, so that’s normal. But it seems she is content to stay put unless I really need her to move, or unless it’s midnight. Night owl, like her mama. However, the change in movement has me slightly concerned. I’ll see what she’s doing later today and if it’s still worrisome, I’ll call the doctor tomorrow morning. But, I know she’s moving. Maybe she’s growing again? Or just comfortable? Not sure.

We’re still undecided on names. Since it’s an anonymous blog (well running pal A reads it, but otherwise no one I know!), I’m going to list the names I like:

Hayley, Ayla, Brooke, Ada, Mae, Keira. Which do you like the best? I think we’ll need to meet her before she gets her name. I think we’ll go with Hayley, even though the fact that people say it differently but don’t hear the difference drives me crazy. But I have always loved the name, and it’s S’s favorite.

Comments on the others:

  • Ayla: I love it. S says it’s pretty but it doesn’t feel like there’s enough to it.
  • Brooke: We both love it. But, I think it’s way too similar to his son’s name (Brock). This is actually what started one of our arguments. What do you think?
  • Ada: I haven’t tossed this one into the mix yet, but I like it. A twist on Ava, which is like #2 in popularity.
  • Mae: I think it’s pretty.
  • Keira: I like it, S doesn’t really. But I think it’s too hard sounding of a name to go with his last name. It would go perfectly with my last name, haha.

I wish I had a favorite name. Growing up I loved naming characters and baby dolls and imaginary friends, but I never had to choose just one name because there was always someone else to name! And my favorite names then are no longer my favorite names (like Rose, for example). It’s so hard! And my current favorite name (Sophia) is WAY too popular. I cannot use it. If you’re reading and you have a name I should consider, let me know!

Looking forward to the nice weather this evening for a walk. And I have to get M a graduation present!

33 weeks, 2 days

33 weeks, 2 days

33 weeks, 2 days. June 12, 2017.

[Warning. Random bouts of complaining. Hope I’m not the only one.]

Monday. Feeling sluggish today. I didn’t sleep well last night. I think I got up four times to pee, and it was hot. And then I was having annoying dreams, probably because S annoyed me before I fell asleep last night. Nothing big, just one of those times when I could be easily irritated. I think that carried into my sleep. I woke up at one point and had to really consider when a dream in which S was a jerk to me was a dream or if it actually happened. It took a while, but it was a dream. However, I was still annoyed. Good thing it was in the middle of the night and he was sleeping. Though it seems that every time I got up to pee, he woke up. Could be because he always inches closer to my side of the bed. It’s cute and funny, but I also want my space! 😉

I still felt quite pregnant on Saturday and Sunday, but not as terribly as Thursday and Friday. Still, I am thinking these last weeks of pregnancy (T-7 weeks) will feel long. 6 weeks, 5 days… give or take. I read that if you think of it in days… as in 49 days that sounds faster than weeks. Perhaps. I said to my mom that I have so much longer to go. She laughed and said I have hardly any time at all. Clearly, it’s a matter of perspective.

Anyway, we did some floor work this weekend, and some work work. We did some errands, too. We went to M’s dance recital and for Sunday dinner we barbecued at the waterfront with a friend and went out on his boat for a bit. That was fun.

Tonight is the Infant Care Class. I haven’t really ever cared for an infant, so I’m assuming this will be good to take. It was $40, so it seemed worth it.

I’m moving so slowly today, despite the piles of work that I have to do. Aye aye aye. Can I blame the baby? Well, I will.

There are so many pregnant people right now – or those who have just had a baby. And everyone seems to be going all the way to 40 weeks. Except for my cousin who gave birth a month early to a 9lb, 10oz baby boy. Wow! I’d rather have a small baby and go 40 weeks. I’m thinking I’ll make my last day of July 28, unless of course baby comes early. But, I think she’s nice and cozy in there. We don’t have an ultrasound until 36 weeks (July 6, so almost 37 weeks), so I have no idea how big she is right now. The next appointment will be at 34 weeks (June 23, so almost 35 weeks then), and just another boring measurement one. I guess I don’t mind going full term if that’s best for baby. I’m just worried about a giant baby and being super uncomfortable. And, the more pregnant I get, the more I really don’t like work.

I keep getting called into other projects despite my own projects having important deadlines. For some reason, there’s one project manager who just keeps giving me work even though I really don’t know what I’m doing on that project. How has that not been obvious so far?!! I am so done with work, I just want to cry. Ugh. Stupid hormones. And probably the heat making me crabby.

However, I have to remember that it’s not much longer and they are being really good to me about maternity leave, etc.

32 weeks, 6 days

32 weeks, 6 days

32 weeks, 6 days. June 9, 2017.

Yesterday and today I have felt very pregnant. I’ve felt tired and uncomfortable being in one position for too long (sitting/driving/lying down) and suddenly my belly seems to be in the way of everything! It’s making me kind of crabby today even though it’s Friday. Of course, as per usual, there’s an annoying work project that isn’t helping. Funny thing: yesterday at the conference, everyone asked me how I’m feeling, etc. And I really don’t have any complaints (or didn’t yesterday). But at the end of the day when I had to drive home, I was so tired and my feet hurt so much, and then my mid-back hurt all evening. Ugh. Not fun. So I bought ice cream on the way home and ate that while watching Gilmore Girls. Although it didn’t help my giant belly feeling, it was delicious.

I’m hoping this un-comfortableness is just a phase, and it goes away. Second time mothers, please do not tell me if it doesn’t. Maybe the weekend will cure me!

And the house is just a mess because of ongoing (and sometimes stalled due to work or excursions to Quebec City) floor renovations. I’m getting to the point of wanting everything done. This morning I told S that we need to finish everything sooner rather than later before I get super uncomfortable and useless. Luckily my parents are coming up in two weeks. S likes deadlines for projects. This weekend we’ll definitely do some work on our projects. Though Sunday it’s supposed to be 90 degrees – maybe we’ll take our kayaks out on the lake for a bit! I’ll need some leg exercise, too. Maybe hills in the morning before it’s hot outside. The lake is too cold for swimming, but perhaps putting our feet and legs in will be necessary for cooling off.

32 week appointment: All went well. I’m right on track for growth. Baby’s heartbeat was 140 bpm. By my scale, I’ve gained 25/26 lbs. By the doctor’s scale, 26/28, but that was after breakfast and with clothes on. So I’ll stick to mine. Nothing exciting to report. Now we start every two weeks. And at 36 weeks, there is another ultrasound. Maybe we’ll see her face this time! She refused to give us a profile view last time (20 week ultrasound). She’s a sassy little thing.

Random things: my mom told me that she & my dad want to buy the Ergobaby carrier for us as a present. That’s generous considering they are expensive! And I know that my mom already bought lots of baby clothes (she couldn’t help it). She wanted to make sure it was the one we wanted. Yes! Ergobaby is the best one, based on what I’ve read. Other baby carriers are bad for baby’s hips.

Question: Next week I’m supposed to attend a work meeting at one of our other offices (about 4 hours away). I’d have to drive by myself, all in one day. And I just don’t want to do it. I could also join in on Skype for the meeting, even though I know my bosses would prefer that I’m there in person (though they did say it’s totally up to me). My doctor says it’s fine to travel at 33 weeks, as long as I stop and walk a bit. But… 4 hours. Alone. In a car. And 8 hours in one day, plus a 4+ hour meeting… it’ll be like a 13-15 hour day, most likely. The car ride yesterday was 1.5 hours and I was so uncomfortable and tired. I’d rather not go. Am I just being a baby? I mean, I feel mostly fine other than being uncomfortable. I’m just not sure what to do.

32 weeks, 2 days

32 weeks, 2 days

32 weeks, 2 days. June 5, 2017.

A Monday working is not nearly as fun as a Monday holiday, but I did just have a 3 day weekend. We spent the weekend in Quebec City, which was lovely. It’s has to be one of the most beautiful cities in North America. We’ve only been in the warm weather, so I cannot speak to the colder months, but June/July seems to be the perfect time to visit. We lucked out on weather and had warm, sunny days, which suited our biking and walking plans. We traveled around the city, photographing buildings and snacking our way through various restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. It was wonderful, even if we did have to go at my slower pace. I could not bike up very many hills, so I walked my bike (and my belly) up all of the extremely steep Quebec City streets. It feels so odd to get tired doing something I used to do without thinking about. S was great about it; he’s accustom to my slower pace these days. Still, it does feel weird to not order a drink when we’re on vacation. Oh well. I drank a lot of water. We stayed in the Saint-Jean neighborhood at an Airbnb, which was perfect. We bought groceries to make dinner and saved our money for our snacking habits during the day. And, all of that biking and walking managed to make me tired enough to sleep, hooray! But, after two days of biking, I was glad to stop. Eventually, it gets uncomfortable. I’m probably nearing the end of my biking days, but we’ll see.

Other updates:

  • I’m feeling fine, except for sometimes restless legs and some heartburn. And there is often a weird burning sensation just below my right boob. I have to ask my doctor about it tomorrow morning at my 32 week appointment.
  • I find that my sense of space for myself remains off. I definitely spill crumbs on myself way more than ever before. S just laughs at me, but I’d rather not have this problem! I like to think I have very good manners!
  • Baby has been very active these past few days – maybe she liked our travels! Get ready, baby. Historic preservation travels are in your future. I most often feel her move on my right side, top of my belly. I’m guessing those are her feet, but I can’t be sure. Maybe the doctor will be able to tell me tomorrow.
  • The breast pump I ordered through insurance (free!) arrived. I’m not really ready to read into it, but I wanted to order it to make sure it arrived and I didn’t have to do it last minute. I only ordered the free starter kit, so it didn’t come with bottle nipples and what not, but I’ll decide what I need later on. I’ve read that baby should breastfeed exclusively for 6 weeks or so before bottles are introduced.
  • We’re all set on baby transit: car seat, stroller, car seat attachment. Now we just need a place for baby to sleep!
  • By my scale, I’ve gained 25lbs. Guess I’ll be on the higher end of what I was supposed to go. Whatever. And I’m sure the doctor’s scale tomorrow will say that I’m heavier than that. I am always heavier at the doctor’s office.

About 7 weeks, 5 days to go, according to apps. I remember being only 7 weeks, 5 days pregnant. It’s nice to be on the reverse. It seems surreal that in less than months (hopefully less than) we’ll have a baby in front of us. I can’t imagine getting there – like going through labor and all that. Why? Because it’s so unknown to me, of course. I know we’ll go through all that, but it’s just crazy to think about it. Like, really, we’ll get our own baby? The one living inside of me right now? Seriously, the entire process of growing a baby and giving birth is weird.

Anyway, I have a lot of work to do this week, oddly enough. At least there is the preservation conference on Thursday, so one less day in the office. Hooray! The conference is always fun, even though it’s more fun when I can drink. Next year.

Pictures in another post.

31 weeks, 3 days

31 weeks, 3 days

31 weeks, 3 days. May 30, 2017.

Long weekends are my absolute favorite. It gives you enough time for a full weekend, and then an extra day to actually do responsible, productive things. This weekend was lovely (for the most part).

Friday after work I got in some swimming. I was more tired than usual, but it felt good to swim. And to have a bathing suit to cover my entire belly.

Saturday was brilliantly sunny. S helped set up volleyball courts for his league. I slept in, hung around, went shopping. Old Navy was having a huge sale and I was feeling like I had nothing to wear other than the same few outfits. I got a few maternity t-shirts that will work for after baby, too, a sports bra that fits, a bathing suit bottom, two dresses (super deal), and the cutest baby onesie covered in pineapples. We spent the afternoon riding our bikes/walking around, and then had dinner at our favorite waterfront café. However, S and I did have a big fight on Saturday, which started over baby names (aye) and them snowballed into something else and led to him being 100% irrational and not speaking to me for hours. I was not pleased with him. Anyway, all is fine now and he realized he was being a jerk. On the upside, I spent extra time Saturday night resting and sleeping since we weren’t speaking. I hate fighting. We don’t often, thankfully. But, it’s no fun when we do.

Sunday, fortunately, was a better day. And S was back to being his normal, sweet self. We got up to watch the marathon and enjoy the sunshine. The marathon is one of my favorite local events because we can walk one block to watch it! And it’s a good excuse to drink coffee and have breakfast outside. We’ve been lucky with excellent spectator weather for the past few years. It’s also the one race that I really love to watch and don’t feel like I have to be running. After the marathon, we hung out with friends at two different barbecues. By then time we got home, I was tired, and fell asleep around 8:30 on the couch. I’m so exciting.

Monday was rainy, but warm enough to keep the windows open and a good day to tackle house projects. First, I slept in and talked to my mom. Second, I made pancakes for breakfast. However, as S was drinking the coffee he noted that the cream was bad. Oops. That’s what I put in the pancakes! (Well, a little, not a lot.) I thought the batter tasted a little off, but figured it was just me. We were out of eggs, but S went to get more so I could remake the pancakes. Good thing, too, because they were delicious. I’ve tried for years to find the perfect pancake recipe and I finally did. And now that I can make excellent pancakes at home, I feel no need to order them in a restaurant (which is always a gamble).

We did make good progress on the house. We had to move the bed into the living room so S could start working on the floor in the bedroom. The plywood is all down. Now, onto the actual floor. Then the closet for our clothes, then the nursery nook. It’ll get done. The renovation process involves a lot of logistics in a tiny space (i.e. moving stuff such as our bed into the living room). For a little while, it’ll be like living in a studio apartment.

And that’s my weekend summary. Now, three days of work, then 3 day weekend because we are heading to Quebec City on Friday. Hooray! I’m hoping for nice weather.

In pregnancy stats: I haven’t weighed myself this week. Some days I’m very hungry, others not so much. Baby has been quite active lately, even while I was moving around the house and cleaning yesterday. Sometimes at night my legs get really restless and it’s so annoying that I can’t get comfortable or fall asleep. It’s really hard to get enough leg exercise without running.

Random: S has strong feelings about baby clothes, and told me he wants to pick some out, too. How cute. I had no idea, haha. Guess we’ll do that after the baby shower. My mom told me she’s purchased a lot of clothes – she can’t help it, they’re so cute, she says. I understand. I should refrain from buying baby clothes, I suppose. I haven’t bought very many.

Feeling: generally fine except for restless legs. No real complaints. Here’s to week 31! Now my apps are saying 8 weeks, 4 days to go. Crazy!

30 weeks, 6 days

30 weeks, 6 days

30 weeks, 6 days. May 26, 2017.

This hasn’t been the most splendid week. My car cost me a lot of money this week (between buying all season tires, and then needing a new battery, ugh). I’m tired and crabby and work is annoying and today my usually comfortable jeans felt extremely uncomfortable.

(Work is really the source of my crabbiness, that much I can identify.) Thank goodness it’s Friday, and a 3 day weekend (Memorial Day weekend is always one of my favorite holidays). However, I suppose not every week can be great, pregnancy or otherwise. So, I take heart in the fact that it’s almost halfway through Friday.

Other than work, things are good. We were busy this week, which probably contributed to my tiredness. Monday night I joined S for a work dinner. Tuesday afternoon we went up to Montreal for a walking tour and dinner with friends. That was fun, but we got home at midnight. Wednesday S had volleyball, but I did a hill workout with our neighbor. Thursday evening was more relaxing, thankfully. Tonight I need to get some exercise!

Oh, I think I might have had some heartburn this week. Not sure exactly what it was as it felt more like something in my throat. But fortunately it didn’t last long. And, I’ve been uncomfortable sitting at my desk. I find often my body will be tired, but not my legs. My legs want to run for that level of exertion again, but my body does not agree. Often I have restless legs, and feel lazy, even when I’m tired in all other aspects. That is probably the most annoying pregnancy thing so far.

The car seat has arrived – Chicco Keyfit 30 – and I bought the car seat attachment for the stroller. So we’ll be set on baby transit. Next up: baby sleeping. And diapers.

Baby has been moving differently – sometimes differently – lately. I talked to the nurse yesterday and she said that different movement is normal, but I should still be able to feel 8 movements or kicks in 8 hours. How are there so many different recommendations for kick counting? I’ve seen 10 in one hour recommended. Weird. Anyway, baby did a lot of movement last night and this morning. So now I’m counting throughout the day. I’m not concerned, but I also want to be vigilant. There are too many tragic stories out there.

I don’t think we’ll take a birth class. I’m not all that nervous about actual labor, and there are some things I just don’t want to know. But we probably will watch some videos together for pain management techniques. That seems to be the most important part. And take a hospital tour. I’m more nervous about breastfeeding, and how I’ll feel and look for weeks after giving birth.

Just about 9 weeks to go. I want baby to get here so I know everything’s fine. But, I also don’t want to wish away summer and time with just S + me. Plus, we still have lots to do. And I know I’ll be stuck inside for a while after baby arrives, so I want to enjoy the outside time while I can. Still, I just want to know everything is fine. Know what I mean?

Hmm, this post is more complaining/anxiety than anything else. I’ll have to write when I’m in a better mood! In the meantime, I’m blaming hormones.

And Fuzzy, not to be left out, joins in on the cuteness/taking over baby items. He thinks he’s a stuffed animal.
30 weeks, 4 days.