39 weeks, 4 days

39 weeks, 4 days

39 weeks, 4 days. July 26, 2017.

Baby is definitely wearing out her welcome in my uterus! I’m just uncomfortable. If I could walk without pain, that might be different. Then I’d just spend my evenings walking. However, my sciatic nerve issue is unrelenting, so walking isn’t really an option. It’s truly painful. Even trying to get in/out of bed and get comfortable can be painful.

And between having zero work to do at work and really nothing to do at home, I’m just waiting. I don’t want to rush baby; I’m afraid of being overdue (or really overdue) and needing to be induced. I’m not sure what I’ll do at work if I have to wait another 1-2 weeks. I don’t want to take that time off – it’s not like I can enjoy summertime at this stage, so having time off wouldn’t really be fun. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning, so hopefully that will bring some good news. I’ll let her check me for dilation tomorrow.

Saturday is 40 weeks. I shouldn’t complain until then. Or Monday, perhaps. After that, I’m going to get a little antsy. I have acupuncture scheduled for Monday, but I’m hoping baby will arrive before then so I can save my money. I keep hoping that I’ll just wake up in the morning with contractions!

So, anyway, baby, if you could hurry it along, that’d be great. We’re anxious to meet you! xoxo.

38 weeks, 2 days
39 weeks, 4 days.
39 weeks, 2 days

39 weeks, 2 days

39 weeks, 2 days. July 24, 2017.

Baby is still quite comfortable. I, on the other hand, am not. Mostly it’s due to the sciatic nerve, which will not stretch and loosen no matter what I do. It makes walking particularly difficult and painful and slow, and I look extra pregnant. Pretty much nothing is comfortable these days. I wake up every 2 hours at night (good practice, I know) and then I am actually disappointed when it’s 2am and I have to figure out how to get comfortable again to fall back asleep. Yup, super pregnant!

Nothing to report, really. No signs of baby’s arrival. Randomly, I have some stomach pains, and I have lots of long, BH, but nothing that screams “baby is coming!” Come on kid, any day now! Please don’t make me more than a few days overdue. Maybe it’s just me, but I think knowing the exact dates for IVF should make my due date more accurate than others. Maybe a lot of people just have inaccurate due dates? That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. If we didn’t have to do IVF, I probably wouldn’t have any idea as to when baby was conceived.

Saturday we went on a day trip and because we’d be a few hours away we brought the car seat and hospital bags just in case. They were not needed, obviously. At least they are in my car now. It was nice to drive around on a sunny day, even if I couldn’t do much walking. It’s very annoying not being mobile! Saturday night-Sunday morning we slept 12 hours. No joke. Apparently we were both very tired – S from a stressful week, and me from lugging around this pumpkin of a belly! And then I took a nap on Sunday afternoon. M and her boyfriend came over for a barbecue at the waterfront on Sunday evening, which was lots of fun. But, after some walking, I could barely put any weight on the right side of my body. Ouch.

Today, work hosted a potluck baby brunch for me, which was quite sweet. There is a range of guesses to baby’s due date. I’ll add the photo. And a few people gave us presents – how thoughtful! Although I tire of the cubicle life, the company and the people are superb and I never have complaints about either. (And the medical benefits are excellent.)

What’s left to do? Rest, I suppose. Keep stretching. And wrap up a few things at work. I read that the end of pregnancy is supposed to be very uncomfortable so your body just wants to go into labor and you’re not afraid anymore. Ha, I believe it! I wish baby would arrive sometime this week, because that would make it easier for my work schedule. But, I know that’s not how it works. We’ll see if this kid is a planner or not. I joked that she just wanted to have one more party (the baby brunch). Who doesn’t love a party?

38 weeks, 5 days

38 weeks, 5 days

38 weeks, 5 days. July 20, 2017.

Yup, still here, still pregnant. And officially “super pregnant” now. At least I’m not overdue yet – that’s good. But it doesn’t mean I’m comfortable! Still working, and this is the paycheck I was hoping to get to, so that’s good. Thank you, baby! I figure if baby isn’t here yet, it’s a good excuse to just eat more ice cream. Why not? Nothing very exciting to report at this point, so I’ll just run down a list.

  • Remember that last load of laundry I mentioned? Well, we finally did it yesterday. Now all of baby’s clothes and my robe/nightgown and our regular clothes are washed, too. We just have to put the bags in the car and we’ll be good.
  • The car seat is not yet in the car because I feel weird driving around with it. But we live 5 minutes from the hospital, so it’s not a big deal if S needs to go home to get it.
  • No signs of labor, I don’t think. Sometimes I have more pressure in my lower abdomen or pelvis. I can identify more frequent BH contractions now, but they never bother me. Walking is harder because baby sits on my sciatic nerve. I’ve noticed a bit of heartburn (thank goodness for Tums!). And overall, everything aches a bit more. But, nothing obvious like losing my mucus plug or a bloody show or anything like that. So, whatever.
  • If baby wants to arrive late, that’s ok – I suppose – but I hope it will be like 2 days late, not 1 week, which just keeps me in limbo at work. Plus, later baby = bigger baby.
  • I’m so warm all of the time. Seriously, it’s insane. S will be chilly at night and I can barely sleep under a sheet! He likes to cuddle and so do I, but when I’m this hot and this large, I sometimes wish for a larger bed!
  • I woke up at 2am this morning (to pee, of course) and thought it was 6am. Then I was bummed that it wasn’t 6am because it meant I had to get comfortable enough to sleep for another 4-5 hours. Although I did wake up to pee at 4am (and because Fuzzy was throwing up…gross, cat). That’s how you know you’re super pregnant…when trying to get comfortable enough to sleep feels like too much work!

Guesses from family & friends on baby’s arrival:

  • July 22 – Julia
  • July 23- mom
  • July 25- sister E
  • July 26 – Alex (requests a margarita & a pie made by S if he’s right)
  • July 27 – sister S
  • July 28 (at 10:22am) – Dad
  • Aug 1 – S & me
  • Aug 2 – Cousins
  • Aug 3 – sister A

So… most every date is covered, haha! I’m hoping soon. And I’m hoping not July 27, because S has a meeting (not close by) on that day. I also hope it’s not August 2 or 3, because that’s just getting too late. My other guess is July 31, because that’s when my grandmother died (7 years ago).

38 weeks, 3 days

38 weeks, 3 days

Dear Baby Girl,

Today I am 38 weeks + 3 days pregnant with you. If you could shift off of my sciatic nerve, that would be very helpful. As of Saturday, I’ve had trouble walking and there’s shooting pain from my butt to my foot on my right side. I hope you’re cute, because this hurts! I just want to go for a walk!

This is an interesting time… just waiting, wondering when you’ll arrive. While it would be nice to have early maternity leave like other countries, I think I’d just drive myself crazy waiting around for you. However, not sitting at my desk would be nice! Fortunately, I have projects to wrap up at work and other random tasks assigned to me.

Point being, I’m still waiting and wondering, knowing you could arrive anytime within the next two weeks. I’m hoping you won’t be late, but I know you’ll make your debut when you’re ready. Apparently some people have no signs of labor until it’s time. I might be one of those women. If you chose to arrive this Friday, that’d be okay by me. It’s sort of like being in limbo between two lives – pre baby and with baby.

Your father and I are very excited for your arrival! It’s been a long time planning and a long road to get to you. In the grand scheme of things, 11 days +/- is nothing! Last year at this time, I was wondering if I could actually get pregnant. I’m so grateful to be pregnant and to be expecting your arrival

So far, I’ve had an easy pregnancy with you. My biggest complaints are the fact that it was uncomfortable to run and it’s a bit stressful. Why the stress? Well, I would wonder if you were moving enough or if I was eating the wrong things. As much I like the round pregnant belly and you moving around, I am anxious for you to get here so I know you are healthy and all is okay!

It’s also fun picking out baby items, and being told I’m adorable. Of course, now I’m super pregnant and I think some of my adorable-ness has faded! Every week I’ve loved Saturdays because that was the day that the week changed for us. In the early weeks and months, I was so grateful to get to another week. There are important milestones: 7 weeks (first heartbeat check), 9/10 weeks (second ultrasound), 14 weeks (second trimester), 20 weeks (halfway there & anatomy scan), 24 weeks (viability), 30 weeks (3/4 there!), 36 weeks (ultrasound) and 37 weeks (full term, depending on which doctor you ask).

Choosing your name was much harder than I thought. I’ve always loved picking out names for my dolls and characters in stories, but choosing a permanent name for you was much more pressure than I anticipated.

I keep imagining writing a more eloquent letter to you, but you are using my brain cells (apparently). This will have to do for now.

Love, mama


This afternoon baby has been moving a lot, like she’s trying to get comfy in there. She must be running out of room. Kid, I know how you feel! My sciatic nerve pain is so bad, that I’m not really sure if anything else is going on. I feel like I could be having lots & lots of braxton hicks, but I’m not sure because of said nerve pain. I feel a bit achey in my hips, but I know that’s par for the course now, and I’ve been at work all day. So that probably means nothing. Maybe some stomach pain? If baby wants to arrive this week, that’s okay by me (preferably Thursday or Friday, not today or tomorrow… one big deadline for tomorrow! And a load of laundry we need to do! Since we don’t have a washer/dryer, it takes extra planning to get the wash done.) But no other signs beyond the discomfort.

37 weeks, 6 days

37 weeks, 6 days

37 weeks, 6 days.  July 14, 2017.

Friday. Hooray! In a few weeks, life will be very different. We’re looking forward to baby’s arrival. In the meantime, I think I’m running out of work to do. I have a couple of reports to write, but I’ve started the templates and background writing. Hopefully I’ll get the field work to do next week and wrap up both reports. After that, baby is welcome to arrive anytime. Just give me one more week, baby, so I can earn this full paycheck. (Of course, I still think she’ll be late and I’ll just twiddling my thumbs, anxiously.)

Yesterday’s doctor appointment went well. I’ve gained 35 lbs, if you’re wondering. The doctor said that was fine – right where I should be. Baby’s heartbeat is good. My blood pressure is good – lower than it’s been in a while, actually. Group B strep is not a big deal as long as I get antibiotics once my water breaks. I told the doctor I didn’t have too many complaints other than I feel heavy and sometimes ache. She said it was okay to complain – I’m not listed as one of their whiners. Haha. No way to know if baby will make an early appearance. I really liked this doctor. I have a few favorite doctor & midwives, so hopefully I get one of my favorites during labor.

Oh! Apparently I do have BH contractions all of the time – when belly is rock hard. I had no idea, but she pointed it out to me yesterday. Good to know. I’m always saying to S, feel how hard the belly is right now! So far, none have been painful. I have some pressure lower down but nothing that lasts for more than a few seconds.

I think we actually have everything need now. Yesterday I picked up a baby nasal aspirator thing, wipe bins (since we only had refills), nursing pads, and baby vaseline. The childcare class instructor said to slather it on baby’s butt so it’s easier to clean those first poopy diapers. I ordered a baby thermometer and nail clippers from Amazon (cheaper than Babies R US). My nursing nightgown and robe and the newborn sleeping gowns arrive today. We have one load of laundry to do and I should mop the floors, but all is well. And, we have to install the carseat.

I didn’t make any food ahead of time as our freezer can only hold so much. I might do some baking so I have yummy snacks those first few days. Berry muffins are my favorite, and I have the best recipe. Seriously, try it.

The cats have stopped trying to jump in the crib. Izzy did a few times. I took her out and she seems to have lost interest. My guess is that she realizes she’s way too close to being picked up if she’s in there. She’d rather stuff herself in a clothing drawer or in the corner next to the bed (she’s a bit odd). I placed tinfoil in the crib hoping she’d scare herself. But the sneaky cat just jumped around it (she’s pretty smart). And Fuzzy prefers to hang out in the chairs, so I’m not worried about him.

My main task while on maternity leave (beyond taking care of baby, of course) is planning the 40th reunion for my alumni association. We are doing well, but still have a lot to do! Right now I’m waiting on prices from venues/caterers/etc., which is frustrating, because once we get that info, we move along with tickets and sponsors. Aye! Come on people!

And some photos. Pardon the restroom selfie, but it’s the easiest way to get a photo. And one of my cat, Izzy, trying to get comfortable on my belly. She tries even though she’s never satisfied.

giant belly. dropped? no idea. I think it depends on what I’m wearing.
Izzy, not pleased, but trying to decide how long she’ll tolerate me. such a cat!
37 weeks, 4 days

37 weeks, 4 days

37 weeks, 4 days. July 12, 2017.

It seems like it should be later than Wednesday. Rats. Hopefully next Wednesday, S and I can both take the day off on a sunny day. I’m not sure it will fit with our work schedules, but hopefully!

I’m feeling heavier. Well, the belly is feeling heavier. Lower, perhaps? I really have no idea. I have to pee more often, but I don’t find it any easier to breathe. However, I never really had a problem breathing so that wouldn’t be a good go-by. Overall, a bit tired. A bit impatient. A bit anxious. To be expected, I suppose.

Yesterday I thought maybe once or twice I was having a brief contraction (BH kind, I’d imagine). I’m not sure, but I did think, oh, that’s different! This morning I woke up with some mild cramping.  All of the articles say that period like cramping in your lower abdomen means labor is near-ish (all relative). But, I kept thinking, period cramps? I don’t even remember what those feel like! And I don’t even know where my lower abdomen is these days! This morning, I realized, oh right, that’s what they feel like. It was the first indication to me that labor will actually happen. It still feels far away and surreal, but for a few moments this morning, it felt closer. My mom says it just means baby is getting ready and it could easily be another week or more. She said when I start to feel really terrible, I’ll know it’s time. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 1pm. We’ll see what she says. For now, I feel fine, just heavy in the front with the usual aches and pains.

I checked my lab results from last week’s Group B Strep test. I tested positive. I can’t quite comprehend how one gets it or what it is. Apparently 25% of healthy women have it.  But it does mean that I will need antibiotics during labor. That doesn’t bother me (IV and needles, whatever), but I hope that it will protect baby. I read that with antibiotics babies have a 1 in 4,000 chance of getting the virus, whereas without antibiotics babies have a 1 in 200 chance. Bring on the antibiotics! And I’ll have to get to the hospital earlier for antibiotics can be administered. Not a big deal, as we’re super close. I’ll report more after the doctor appointment. I was quite surprised to see that I did test positive for it, but I do have some friends who also tested positive, so I’m not too worried. Just a bit.

37 weeks, 2 days

37 weeks, 2 days

37 weeks, 2 days. July 10, 2017.

2 weeks, 5 days to go. Theoretically. My hope is that baby will be born anytime between July 22-July 29. My thought remains that she’ll born August 1. Of course, that could just be preparing myself for a late baby arrival. The weekly appointments are supposed to make it go fast now, but Thursday (next appt) feels far away. Mondays. Only a few more Mondays for a while. Then an entirely different kind of chaos and Mondays.

I’m feeling fine. My mid-back was killing me Friday/Saturday, but I finally got in some good exercise yesterday (walking 75 minutes and playing frisbee in the lake), and I feel better, mostly. Saturday night I couldn’t sleep, so I took myself to the couch so I wouldn’t wake up S by my constant fidgeting and getting up to pee. My thoughts kept me up, too: what will labor be like? Can I handle? When will baby arrive? What are the swaddling instructions? Exercise clearly helped, because last night (when I finally was tired), I fell sound asleep. I’ll have to go for a long walk after work today.

In other news: we took a hospital tour on Saturday. It’s such a nice facility. And we packed our hospital bags. We realized we didn’t have any lightweight summer baby (newborn sized) sleepers, so we picked some out at Kohls. They’re so cute. I ordered a robe to walk around in during labor since I don’t have one, and some newborn sleeper gowns, figuring those would be pretty easy for diaper changes and what not. I have two nursing bras, but I’ll hold off on buying more until I figure out what I like and what size will fit. Otherwise, we’re all set, I think. I still have items on my to-do list, but at least if baby arrived early, we’re ready for her.

I haven’t had any braxton hicks that I know of. My mom said she didn’t either. She said she never really had contractions prior to labor, just back pain and feeling sick. I don’t know if baby has dropped… once in a while I feel more pressure on the bottom of my belly, but it doesn’t stay. I’m wondering if I’ll be one of those women who just misses the signs of labor. That wouldn’t be terrible, so long as we get to the hospital in time and everything is okay. Luckily, we live about 5 minutes away.

It’s so strange not knowing when baby will arrive. I guess a lot of life you cannot predict when something will happen, but this is just an extra level of strange.

Baby moves a lot. Clearly, she’s running out of room because more than one part of my belly is visibly moving at one time! I like when she moves, as I know all is well.

I’m trying to choose a day to use for a vacation day prior to baby’s arrival. I’m thinking one next week would be a good idea. Obviously, a nice sunny day. Maybe next Friday? Monday? I’m not sure. But it seems like it would be a nice thing to do. Or should I save it to use July 28 or July 31, just in case baby isn’t here yet? I’m saying my last day is probably July 28, but if baby is going to be 1 week late, maybe I don’t want to use an entire week of time off … just sitting around, waiting anxiously. So, who knows.

Rocking chair
This makes me laugh. 
35 weeks! (I’m sure the belly has grown since then.)